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Curo - (Latin: to manage) and Vita - (Latin: life)

Welcome to CuroVita. The site dedicated to helping you manage your life.

CuroVita is a set of tools and wizards to help you manage aspects of your life. Below is an explanation of the types of tools you can expect to find at CuroVita.

Gift Center
Each family member can manage their own list of gifts on a wishlist registry. Other family members can access this list to mark which items they purchased (or plan to purchase). Other family members can see who has purchased what, but the recipient knows nothing. This is great at Christmas time or for birthdays!
Address Book
Just as the name implies, each family member can enter and maintain their personal information such as address, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. and the entire family can view this information online in the address book.
Family members can post announcements that show up on the main page of the site for other family members to view. Family members can create an alert to be notified by email whenever someone adds a new announcement.
Life Reminders
Little reminders that can be customized to email you whenever life's important events are coming up. These could be anything from anniversaries to small things like when to change the air filters.
Event Planning
Family members can create an event such as a birthday and specify the date, time, location and other important information about the date and it will show up on the list of upcoming events for the family. Members can also create a checklist for items that other family members can signup for such as food items or other tasks that can be assigned to different family members. Events can even be marked "Surprise" to keep that special someone from seeing anything on the site about the event.

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